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       Bylaws for the Cedar Branch Community Cemetery


                                                                   Approved by the Cedar Branch Cemetery Committee on November 26, 2005


                                                                1. Talk to the cemetery superintendent or contact person when there is a

                                                                 burial at the Cedar Branch Cemetery


                                                            2. A designated family member  should be present  with a contact person

                                                                to choose a plot for their loved one before the grave is dug


                                                            3. There is a maintenance fee of $350 that must be paid for each burial

                                                                before the grave is dug


                                                            4. Each grave should have a headstone or a proof of purchase for getting

                                                                a headstone within 30 days of burial


                                                            5. Flowers may be placed on graves, but not trees or big plants that may

                                                                exceed beyond the grave spot


                                                            6. No concrete or wood foundation should be placed on or around the grave


                                                           7. A copy of these Bylaws will be issued to each funeral home who will have

                                                               the responsibility of reading them the family of the decesed, and the family

                                                               will have the responsibility of ad hearing to all of the Bylaws              





                                                                                                    Cedar Branch Cemetery Contact People                                                                         

                                                                                                    Mary Tryon, President             936 - 687- 4102

                                                                                                    Delores Jones, Treasurer        936 - 687- 2135    







The Cedar Branch Cemetery Committee is in the process of finding and identifying all of the unknown graves and the graves without headstones.  We need your help in identifying or locating your loved ones who do not have a headstone. Click on the highlighted titles below to view the graves without headstones and the unknown graves that the committee could locate. The graves and unknown graves are listed in red.  The names listed in black describes a marker to locate the unknown graves or a grave without a headstone.  To help the committee to locate your love one, after viewing the list, contact Bro. James Burns , telling him the name and location of your loved ones. You may copy these pages, just right click on the mouse and chose print.  You may also, write to  Bro. David Shepherd at P.O. Box 710902, Houston, TX 77271 with the same information.


To send funds to help with the up-keep of the cemetery, send them to:  Cedar Branch Cemetery


                                                                                                                  Grapeland, TX 75844





Names of Deceased Without Headstones - p.1 





Names of Deceased Without Headstones - p.2

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