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Members of the Deacon Board

Chairman of Deacon Board, George R. Pierson

Deacon Pierson was raised in the Cedar Branch Community and learned of Christ at an early age. He attended W.R. Banks and Grapeland High School. He later attended Sam Houston State University. In 1971, he married Ruth and God blessed them with five children, four girls and one son. George served in the United States Army and received an honorable discharge. After retiring from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division, he became an ordained deacon of the Cedar Branch Missionary Baptist Church and now serves as Senior Sunday School Teacher. 

Deacon Pierson's passion is to see people become familiar with the teachings of the Holy Bible and change so that God can use them.



 Deacon Herman Tryon

Deacon Tryon was born and raised in the Cedar Branch Community.  He graduated from
W.R. Banks  High School, in Grapeland, TX.

Deacon Tryon is the superintendent of Sunday School.  He was ordained as a deacon in August of 1993.
Deacon Tryon's favorite scriptures are Proverbs 3:5 & 6:  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and
he shall direct thy paths."

Deacon Board Member, Roy Harvey

Deacon Roy Harvey finished school at Grapeland High, Grapeland, TX in 1969.  He moved to Dallas, TX and joined the Lamb of God Missionary Baptist Church where he served as a deacon for 15 years.  While in Dallas, he worked for Oncor for 41 1/2 years.

In 2011, he returned home to the Cedar Branch Community .  He reunited with Cedar Branch Missionary Baptist Church and is serving as a deacon and the assistant superintendent of Sunday School.  He is giving back to the community and church that helped him to become the dedicated person he is today.

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Deacan Board Member, Windell Von Wilmore

Deacon Wendell Willmore was born in Grapeland, TX.  He joined the Cedar Branch Missionary Baptist Church and accepted Christ at an early age.  He Graduated from Grapeland High School in 1976.  He moved to Tyler, TX where he attended TJC  and

was employed byTyler Pipe Ind.  

In 1978, he moved to Dallas, TX where he worked for Sears and Mobil. In September 2001, he moved  back to Grapeland to make it his home.  In 2017 he rejoined the Cedar  Branch Missionary Baptist Church where he is presently on the Deacon Board.  

He was ordained as a Deacon in January 24 , 2021.


  Secretary/Clerk: Hubert Burns


Hubert Burns was born in the Cedar Branch Community. He graduated from the W. R. Banks High School 1967.

After graduating from Prairie View A&M University, he worked as a high school mathematics teacher. 

He was ordained as a deacon in August of 1993.

Deacon Burns' passion is to help people realize that through Jesus Christ, all things are possible.

Senior Deacon: Larry Leonard - Deceased



Senior Deacon of Cedar Branch Baptist Church:

Deacon Larry Leonard has been a faithful member of the Cedar Branch Missionary Baptist Church for at least 82 years.

Church and Sunday School positions held by Deacon Larry Leonard: 
               Member of Deacon Board
               Church Treasurer
               Church Secretary
               Cemetery Caretaker 
               Janitor for the church and church grounds
               Sunday School teacher

Deacon Larry is currently Superintendent of the Sunday School and the Senior Deacon. He enjoys discussing the Bible and the will of God. 

He was asked to quote his favorite biblical scripture. In his wisdom he stated that they all are, however you will hear him quote: “Wisdom is the principal thing. therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding”(Proverbs Chapter 4. V.7).
His favorite song: Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.

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