Cedar  Branch  Cemetery

Decease Without Headstones




Names, or blank lines in red are the ones which need headstones. Blank lines indicates unknown graves.  All names listed in black have headstones.



1. Graves on left side in cemetery (walking in).


    Starting at front - 1st row: a.




a. ____________, beside Theodore Leonard,                                         ____________




c. Atherine Johnson, _____________, Alberteen Leonard,  ____________, 


    James Leonard, ____________, 


d. Qualyn Harvey,  J. D. Leonard,Shirll Dean Burns


e. October 




g. Empty


h. Empty 


i. Ida Wilmore, Letitia Richardson, Pansy Richardson


j. Iota 


k. Lila Murphy Thompkins,  Cassie Shepherd Underwood


l.                                             Lillie Mae Williams ???    Annie Ruth Hicks


                                                        (not sure)


m. Wash Burns,  OK                                                                                         Wilbur Turner


n. Elks Dawson, Jr.,      Bertha Dawson


o. Empty


p. William Barkley III,  William Taft McDaniel






s. F. C. L Pierson




Delbert Frank Williams (Joe Pete)??

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